Procrastinators Unite, Tomorrow!

I am the once proudly self-proclaimed “Queen of Procrastination” and I thrive under pressure.
A deadline looms and I do my best work…

Adventures In Procrastination

Somehow or another, however, I have reached a point in my life where procrastination has taken over, unacceptably so… and let me be clear, I am NOT lazy. That might even be the problem. There is always something going on. So much going on, in fact, that many things get left for tomorrow… a tomorrow that, quite frankly, never comes.

It is easy for someone who has not lived a life of procrastination to say that procrastination is a choice easily unmade. It is quite another to be a person who has made their way in life in a series of adventures in procrastination [sometimes even somewhat successfully!] to make a change simply by choice.

Human beings are creatures of habit. Is it habit therefore that makes us procrastinate? Or is it deeper? I don’t claim to know the answer.

What I do know is that I am tired of thinking that next year will be the year that I will be back in shape, be on a positive financial path, start a blog, launch my business, have an organized house, travel, or [insert whatever passion or goal you’d like here]. Change does not happen overnight. Even gradual change requires intention and accountability. It is this reality that led me to launch this blog. It is my hope that together, through the perhaps insignificant adventures of one procrastinator person, we might overcome the challenge of procrastination.

In 1999, my friend Maria introduced me to LiveJournal. I absolutely loved it. I love to write. I love to journal. I knew in those late night moments with my LiveJournal that I would have a successful blog someday. In 2006, my then boyfriend bought me a high end computer so I could work on my blog. I knew all the right steps to take for a successful launch from a content perspective. I even had a graphic design degree by then and plans to make all my own graphics. What I was missing was a passion for a topic. Fast forward to 2017, and where is my blog? It is still a figment of my imagination, along with many other plans. Until today.

April 5th, 2017 is a new day. A turned page. A new chapter. This blog is just the beginning. It is a proclamation of a conscious choice to live these adventures on purpose, with purpose. Not tomorrow; but, today. One choice at a time.

Stay tuned.

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