Today’s Adventure…

What I should be doing (since yesterday): Taking a [4-hour] online midterm for Managerial Finance.

What I am NOT doing: see above.

What I AM doing: Day 2 as a Lyft driver. (Yesterday was Day 1.)

Why: Because… adventures in procrastination. Duh.


Today has been so much fun. Meeting people from out of town, hearing about their adventures, sharing some of my stories. Bonus… I am getting paid to do it.

So, now, I am sitting here, in my car, waiting on my next assignment to come in and reflecting on today’s adventures. One man spoke to me this morning about my potential and the success in life he sees for me. It got me thinking about how hard it has always been for me to see… and yet somehow strangers pick up on it. This is not the first time…


Food for thought: Are you procrastining away your potential?

[Ugh. Time to head home and take that midterm.]

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