Watch “Raise A Hallelujah (Offical Lyric Video) – Bethel Music | VICTORY” on YouTube

This song.

Have you heard it yet?

This song has changed my life.

This song has brought me so much freedom.

Raise a Hallelujah… “louder than my unbelief.”

Raise a Hallelujah… “in the middle of the mystery.”

“Our weapon is the melody.”

As I listened to this song (and unashamedly sang it repeatedly at the top of my lungs as I danced around my kitchen) this past weekend, I could literally visualize God lining up armies of angels to fight for me.

This song reminded me that I don’t need to even believe His declarations over my life in order to pronounce them and have them be effective. God has already ordained Jeremiah 29:11 over my life. I get to walk *fearless* right into that.

So, the next time YOU feel down, low, incapable, less than worthy – or anything other than what God says about you: “you are fearfully and wonderfully made”, “you are a co-heir with Christ”, “you are a son or a daughter of the Most High King”, “you are worthy, you are loved”… lift up a shout, raise a Hallelujah… or in the most practical application… simply replay this song – sing & dance like no one is watching – and let God send Heaven to fight on your behalf.


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